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Our prices range between $240 - $360 depending on a number of factors such as travel dates and length. To get a quote, please call or email us! Longer reservations receive better rates. 

* Burning Man and certain other festival dates may cost more

  • Cleaning fee: $75 

  • Security deposit: $1,000 - $2,000. Depends on the length of the trip. This is fully refundable given no damage to the RV.

  • Insurance: If you can't insure the RV under a personal insurance policy, you may purchase       coverage. Insurance costs are automatically added but are fully refundable given proof of personal coverage. More information here

  • Optional upgrades: We have a variety of items and upgrades that you may select to make your trip more enjoyable. More information here.

  • Additional miles: We include 100 miles per night, additional miles are $0.45 per mile. (We calculate the total miles at the end of your trip).

  • Utility maintenance: You can either return the RV in the same condition as it was given to you, i.e. with the same level of liquid propane, Diesel and waste tanks or you can choose to have us take care of it. Waste tank disposal is $35, liquid propane refill is $10 + $4 per gallon, Diesel refill is market price. 

  • International transaction fee: In the event that a renter pays with a card that originates from a different country than the United States, they may pay a 3% International Transaction Fee. 

Other fees and optional costs









- Delivery and pick up from anywhere in LA County

- 100 miles per night (additional miles are $0.45 per mile)

- Unlimited generator use

- Fully equipped RV (see the list of included items here)

- GPS designed specifically for RVs

- 24/7 RV support via call or text

- iPad with instructional videos and manuals


To take a look at the interior of the RVs click here

To review the cancellation policy, click here

To submit a reservation request online

Step 1. Select your desired travel dates

Step 2. Select the city closest to you

Step 3. Review the price, fill out the required information, select additional add ons and press "request reservation"

Other ways to request a reservation

Option 1. Call or text us at (818)642-9185

Option 2. Email us at

Option 3. Write us in the Contact Us Page

-Call or text us (818)642-9185

-Write us an email

-Write us in the Contact Us Page

-Make a request through our partner site

We're really sorry but mobile reservation requests are not available yet (We're working on it!). However, there are options! To request a reservation quote you can do one of the following:

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