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Ukrainian Flags

Help Ukraine

Help the people

More than 3,000,000 people have had to leave their homes since the start of the invasion. Here’s how you can help internally displaced people, children, and refugees:

Donate to the Ukrainian Defense

Ukraine is defending Europe’s eastern border from the Russian army, one of the biggest and strongest armed forces in the world. You can back the Ukrainian Defence with a donation, every little bit helps:

Demand action from your government

The entire world stands with Ukraine now, providing weapons, humanitarian aid, and imposing sanctions against Russia. You can encourage your government to take more action to help Ukraine fight back:

  • Join a peace protest. Come out to the street to share your support for Ukraine and demand more action from your government. Find the next event in your city

  • US: Write to your representatives in Congress and ask for more support for Ukraine. It takes just a few moments if you follow this guide.

  • UK: Write to your local MP and demand more action in supporting Ukraine.

  • Spread the word. Believe us your voice has power! Join Information forces and use social media to reach out to government and state-affiliated media accounts. For instance, a simple thing you can do right now: 

Quote + comment: @NATO stop Russian aggression in #Ukraine! #StopRussianAggression #CloseTheSky #StopWarInUkraine #StopRussia #StopPutin #StandWithUkraine

Spread the truth about the war in Ukraine

There’s fake news and misinformation out there. Make sure you follow the news from credible sources.

Share them with your friends and family, so they can be well informed. 

MacPaw has prepared a list of verified sources that objectively cover what is happening in Ukraine:

Sources in English:

Sources in Russian:

Additional News Sources:Україна24/videos?view=2&live_view=501


УкраЇнська Правда


Офіс Президента України


Офіс Президента України


УНІАН Інформаційне Агенство     In English: DailyMail.

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