How will the RV be powered? Electric hook up, generator and battery explained. (unfinished)

The most common common question we receive is regarding the different ways the RV can have power. After all, what's the point of glamping if you can't charge your phone?

All jokes aside, there are 3 ways to get power in the RV. Plug into an electric hookup, turn on the battery or run the generator.

The battery lasts up to 5 hours on a full charge and is used for powering the TVs and other electronics such as charging your phone or lap top. You can recharge the battery by running the generator, turning on the engine or plugging the RV into an electric hook up.

The generator is used for powering appliances such as the microwave, electric tea kettle and coffee maker but most importantly, the generator is used for powering the AC.

On a full tank of liquid propane, the generator can operate anywhere between 15-20 hours.

(If you think you'll want to run the generator for more than 15-20 hours, and there won't be a place to refill the liquid propane, it is recommended that you rent an additional external generator - $50/trip).

If the weather is nice and you don’t need the AC, you can comfortably camp without an electric hook up. In that case you will switch off between using the battery and the generator. Again, the battery is used for low energy demanding items such as powering the TVs and your technology while the microwave is used for appliances and the AC.

Like the generator, the refrigerator is powered by liquid propane, however, unlike the generator, the refrigerator consumes a very, very small amount of liquid propane. As long as there is liquid propane in the tank, the refrigerator will stay on and cool for weeks on end.

So to answer the question regarding if or not you absolutely need an electric hook up this is what we say, if you have the option to book a site with electricity, it’s nice to not have to concern yourself with using the battery or the generator. If it’s going to be hot outside we very much recommend, we almost insist that you go to a campsite with electric hook ups, because at the end of the day, we want you to be comfortable and happy.

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