Available for Burning Man - Model J, Model V and Model P

Hymer Van and Revel Van are not suitable for the event

What's included in the Package

  • Home delivery to anywhere in LA County and pick up once you are back

  • Full preparation of the RV. We do all the work for you, seal all the windows, carpets, and gaps to keep the playa dust out

  • Hitch carrier with additional liquid propane tanks (or generator) and room for extra storage

  • Bike Rack 

  • Kitchenware, bedding and shower towel kits​

  • Miles to and from Black Rock City plus a little extra (1400 miles) 

  • Camping chairs to accommodate all people

  • Outdoor lantern


The Cost

There is a $1,800 security deposit which will be refunded within 4-7 days at the end of the reservation. Please note, there are no "surprise" fees or charges of any kind.  The prices will increase as the event gets closer.

We provide a courtesy 2 week period during which you'll be able to adjust your reservation dates or cancel. The 2 week period starts once the reservation deposit has been submitted. 

Save on Insurance Fees

We allow RV binders. If your personal auto insurance carrier can cover the RV during your trip, we will gladly waive the insurance fees.


You can find out more information about insurance here