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Does the RV have a heater?​

The RV is equipped with two heaters to keep you warm. 

Electric air heater


Using the electric air heater will reduce the use of liquid propane. This heating option works by extracting heat from the outside air on a cold day and carries it to the inside of the RV. This is a good option for staying warm when temperatures are above 45 degrees.


Liquid propane air heater

When this heater is turned on, it will keep the RV nice and warm, even in freezing temperatures. This heater uses the coach battery and liquid propane simultaneously to work. If you think the heater will need to operate constantly, it is best practice to camp at a place with an electric hook up. 

Can I camp in below freezing temperatures without an electric hook up?


Not recommended.


Will the water tank and the waste tanks freeze in the cold?


If the temperature is going to drop below freezing at any point, we will winterize the RV (remove the water from the tanks) prior to your trip. 


Most campgrounds have nice bathrooms and showers available.


Do I need chains to drive in the snow?

If you plan on driving to an area that may have snow, please ask for chains. Most of the time the RV will not need the chains; however, if you prefer to have them on or are required to by law, please put them on.


Do I need to have headlights on while driving in the snow?

If it’s snowing or raining, make sure to have the headlights on! Anytime the windshield wipers are on, headlights should be on.

Can I use the RV to drive to a hotel and simply leave it in the parking lot in freezing temperatures? 


The RV cannot be left without a running heater in freezing or bellowing freezing temperatures. 


If you’re only using the RV to get to a destination but will be sleeping at another place, you can let us know in advance and we will winterize the unit for you, meaning we will drain it of all the water and make it possible to stay without a heating source.


If the outside temperature will not get below freezing at any point, even in the night, than you can leave the RV parked without a heater. 

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