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RV Consignment Program 


Want to
EARN MONEY from your RV?

We can help.

Earn passive income while we rent out your RV for you.

Unlock the full earning potential of your RV without lifting a finger. By letting us handle the entire rental process, you gain hassle-free passive income and peace of mind. We manage everything, from marketing and bookings to maintenance and customer service. Our expertise ensures your RV is always in good hands, maximizing its value and your returns. We are accepting applications for new partners, with a special focus on the high-demand period of the Burning Man festival, August 24 - September 4th. 

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How it Works


Submit Your RV

Fill out the inquiry form below to tell us about your RV. If your RV is a good fit for our brand, we will contact you to schedule an in person viewing.


Professional Listing

We create a professional listing for your RV on our website, as well as on other third-party websites, featuring high-quality photos and detailed descriptions to attract renters.


Comprehensive Management

From handling inquiries to managing bookings, on the road client support and ensuring the RV is ready for each rental, we do it all.


Detailed Reporting

After each rental period, you receive a detailed report outlining the usage of your RV.


Documents & Insurance 

All consigned units are covered by our commercial policy during rentals. Your personal policy will cover the RV during your personal use. Each rental includes thorough documentation with walk-through photos, contract, check-out/check-in forms, and security deposit.


Earn Income

At the end of each rental period, you'll receive a check or a direct deposit for your earnings. We do a 50/50 profit share split. 


What types of RVs
do you accept?

Mercedes class B and class C RVs are most popular for our renters, but we may be open to other opportunities. Please submit an inquiry form below. We do not accept class A RVs at this time.

How often will my RV
be rented out?

Rental frequency depends on the season and demand. We strive to maximize rental opportunities while ensuring your RV is well-maintained. June - August are the busiest months.

What if my RV needs maintenance or repairs?

Your RV needs to be in perfect working condition before it joins our fleet. Afterwards, we handle basic maintenance and upkeep between rentals. If major repairs are needed, we will contact you for approval before proceeding.

Can I still use my RV for
personal trips?

Absolutely! You can block out dates for your personal use at any time. Just let us know your travel plans in advance, and we’ll ensure your RV is reserved for you.

What happens if a renter damages my RV?

We will fix it. We take a security deposit from each renter to cover any damages that may arise. If the damage is more than the security deposit, we will work with the renters insurance company and the repair facility directly. 

Do you require a year contract?

We do not! We work on a month to month basis. This flexibility allows you to consign your RV for as long as it suits your needs without being locked into a long-term commitment. We just ask that you honor the reservations that are already booked. 

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 Why Choose Our 
.Consignment Program? 

Holding Money

Hassle-Free Income

We manage everything, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of renting out your RV.


Maintain RV Health

Regular usage helps keep your RV in better shape compared to long-term storage.

Yoga Session

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive management ensures your RV is well-cared for, and you receive detailed reports after each rental.


Since 2016, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional RV rental services. Over the years, we have successfully hosted over 2,000 reservations, been featured in multiple news outlets and have consistently earned a 5-star reputation across multiple review platforms. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted name in the RV rental industry. With our proven track record, you can be confident that your RV is in good hands, and both you and your renters will have an outstanding experience.

Is your RV available
August 22 - September 6, 2024?

take home 
$3,000 - $4,500

Our demand for RVs skyrockets during the Burning Man festival. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn maximum income.


When it comes to renting out your RV for Burning Man, you want to partner with someone who truly understands what they’re doing.


We have been sending RVs to Burning Man since 2016, and our expertise ensures your RV is fully prepared and protected for this unique event.

Our Preparation Process:

  • Comprehensive Sealing: We seal windows, floors, and cloth materials to protect against damage and dirt.

  • Reflective Coverings: All windows are sealed with reflective coverings to keep the RV cooler and the AC working its best.

  • Expert Knowledge: We know A LOT about preparing RVs for Burning Man, ensuring they withstand the unique conditions.

Post-Festival Services:

  • Full Clean-Out: We perform a complete clean-out service, including changing filters, cleaning the AC, and removing playa dust from all areas.

  • Maintenance: We handle oil changes and all other necessary services to maintain your RV’s health and longevity.

  • Comprehensive Care: Our detailed cleaning and maintenance ensure your RV is returned in top condition.


Happy guests means 
more rentals

Our customers love us, and their satisfaction translates to more repeat business and higher demand for your RV.


Your RV will be part of a reputable program that renters return to time and again, guaranteeing steady income and peace of mind.​

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Absolutely the best! Chill RV is definitely a top-notch service. They think of the details so you don't have to. Nika was amazing. She took the time to walk us through all the things we needed to know and was always a text or a call away if we had any questions while we were on our adventure. We rented the model J and it was definitely a luxury on wheels. We're already planning our next trip. Thanks again Chill RV!!

Caly Nguyen

man standing on beach during daytime_edi

Had a great trip to the Grand Canyon in the Mercedes Sprinter Revel. Sprung for the dropoff/pickup service and Jane was a great help getting me setup. Van was in great shape and drove perfectly along the 500 mi route. Cold temps at night weren't a problem w/ the furnace keeping us warm. Would definitely rent a van or RV from Chill RV again!

Eric Walker


Wow!!! I wish I could give Chill RV more than 5 stars. The service and working with Nika and the team were outstanding. We originally, booked through a third party that canceled our reservation within 24 hrs of arrival. Chill RV was able to meet us at our specified time and have us on the road quickly. The quick intro and instruction about the RV made me feel like a well-seasoned RV'er. Hands down the best rental experience.

Brian A


Leave the rental logistics to us and enjoy the passive income from your RV.
Apply now and we
will reach out with next steps. 

Owner Form
RV Information

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you within 48 hours.

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