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Our Favorite LA Hikes

Hollywood Sign Hike

Although you can't physically touch the hollywood sign as it's gated away, you'll be a able to get pretty close and appreciate the size of the structures. 

Runyon Canyon

Probably the #1 most popular hike in Los Angeles. The fairly steep climb is 100% worth the view you will be rewarded with. Parking is tricky so budget at least 15 minutes to find parking or park further away and walk.

Abandoned Nazi Camp Hike

This is an excellent hike with a very cool destination. The hike takes about an hour and once you reach the graffiti house there will be lots of things to explore and check out plus great photo opportunities. 

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

If you want your hike to feel like you're in Los Angeles, and allow you to appreciate the views of LA, this would be a great choice. 

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