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Places Worth Visiting in Los Angeles

Explore what Los Angeles is all about! Whether you're a first time LA visitor or a native Angelino, there is always something new and exciting to be explored or revisited. Items on this list are LA absolute must sees!

Shopping & Dining

Shopping and dining are always a good idea. These places are great getaways no matter what you're in the mood for.

Gardens & Parks

Who doesn't like a mellow after noon filled with nature and serenity? From Japanese gardens to historic Beverly Hills Mansions, this is the list to check out if you like long walks in the park.


If there's one thing Los Angeles folks like to do, it's hike. Here is a list of some of our absolute favorite hiking spots in LA

State Beaches

A visit to LA is not complete without a day at the beach. These are some of our favorite state beaches and they are sure worth a visit.

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