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LA Top Attractions

Griffith Observatory

A Los Angeles classic! The Griffith Observatory houses some of the most advanced technology in the world of astronomy. The grounds, exhibits and telescopes are free and always open to the public (Monday-Friday 12 PM-10 PM) (Saturday-Sunday 10 AM-10 PM). Since the Observatory is located in the Hollywood Hills, there are multiple ways to reach your destination. Hiking, biking and paid parking are all available to the public, however buses are available for those who don’t want to be bothered with the very limited parking near the Observatory. For a small price, a bus will pick you up from the parking lot and bring you to the center.

Hollywood and Highland

The most classic, must see destination in all of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Highland. This is where you will find many cool things to see, the famous Hollywood walk of fame, the Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theatre, shopping and dining, this is the place to see.

LA Zoo

Los Angeles’ very own premiere zoo and botanical garden is home to over 50+ different types of animals and other species such as elephants, tigers, lions and hippos! Situated in the Griffith Park area, you’re able to explore not only the park, but the many different attractions surrounding it (I.e. The Gene Autry Museum, Griffith Park hiking trail, and the Old Los Angeles Zoo). Parking is free during the week, and on the weekend parking is $8. Come prepared with comfortable shoes, mainly because the zoo is designed like a vast labyrinth. You will spend majority of the day standing and walking. Consider creating an itinerary before you visit as well, to keep you and your guests busy! Save time (and money) by buying your tickets online in advance (If you have AAA, they offer discounts too).


Grand Central Market

A market that used to sell mainly produce now has some very unique and interesting places to eat. Open mainly for breakfast and lunch it is a historic and unique place in Los Angeles and sure not to be missed if you're exploring downtown.

Venice Beach Board Walk

This is not a place for everyone but it definitely captures the true spirit of Los Angeles. Arts, memorabilia street performers, there's basically nothing you can't find or encounter here, nothing is too bizzarre for Venice Beach Board Walk.

Venice Beach Canels

Great photo opportunities and a lovely place to walk around. Almost replaces the need to go to Venice all together.

The Last Book Store

Unlike any bookstore you've ever been to before. The whole store is filled with secrets and hundreds of great photo opportunities. Also there is a unique display of art works that captivated our attention. This is definately a top rated place to visit!

Los Angeles City Hall

What's a city hall doing on this list? It made the cut because the top of the city halls has amazing views of Los Angeles. Plus it's located in the Grand Park which is a lovely place to walk around.

Amoeba Records

Are you ready to relive your wildest childhood dreams? Whether it be divulging into their extensive record collection or fangirling over Billy Idol, Amoeba has something for everyone. It is notoriously known across Los Angeles as the “Last Great Record Store”, and once you visit, you’ll surely know why. Sitting on the historic Sunset Blvd, you’ll be able to not only experience all of the magic inside, but once you step onto the street, the true spirit of Hollywood shines! Parking is fairly easy- they offer 2 free areas for parking: an underground lot on Cahuenga Blvd and a outdoor backlot on Ivar St. The maximum is 2 hours, providing you plenty of time to let loose and explore!

Walt Disney Hall

The Getty Villa

Capitol Records Building

Hurricane Harbor

If you’re visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain during the months of June-August, consider coming next door to Hurricane Harbor! Adjacent to the world renowned roller coaster park is the equally fun water park! Home to over 5 gravity defying water slides and a lazy wave pool, you’ll never run out of things to do! Keep in mind that the park opens in late May and stays in operation until October. Tickets are also fairly cheap, but you should always check the website to stay updated for any deals they’re having! (Fun fact: sometimes, they have two fers, so you get more bang for your buck!)

Six Flags

Calling all thrill seekers! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this is the place for you. Come and be transported to the mecca of roller coasters. Located in Valencia, California, right off the Interstate 5. This park is open year round, and tickets are fairly cheap. You’ll find planning your day at this park will be a breeze! RV parking is available. Side tip: the best times to ride the rides are right when the park opens and before 5 PM. Visit their website for any additional info.

Disney Land

Located off the Interstate 5, Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in Southern California. World renowned as the very first theme park Walt Disney opened, it holds a sense of regal history you can’t find anywhere else. This theme park has fairly easy parking (RV parking is $25.00 while cars and motorcycles are $20.00) and you’re able to leave your vehicle parking one hour prior to the parks opening and two hours after the park's closure. Keep in mind that the parking structure is 13ft by 10ft, which fits most standard oversized motorhomes. When visiting the theme park, any recreational vehicle or other oversized vehicle should use the main entrance to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, located south of the Disneyland Drive and Ball Road intersection.

Universal Studios

Welcome to the Entertainment Capital of the World! Universal Studios Hollywood is a tourist destination not only because of their high class accommodations and world renowned park, but for truly harnessing the essence of Hollywood! Jam packed with your favorite movie and TV show sets, such as Desperate Housewives and Psycho, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Traveling and parking for Universal Studios is fairly easy- if you're looking for secure and accessible, they have a  monitored prepaid parking structure on the premise(parking is $12). RV and oversized vehicle parking is always accommodated. However, if you're looking to save some extra money, feel free to park across the street at the Metro station and walk across the connecting bridge! RV and oversized vehicle parking is available too. Don't miss out on this true California treasure!

Warner Brothers Studios

If you’re a diehard Warner Brothers fan who has always wondered what happens on set once the cameras stop rolling, stopping by for an all inclusive tour at the Warner Brother Studios will really be a treat! Warner Brothers Studios, located in the bustling Burbank, California, is truly a landmark. Adorned with their iconic water tower, you’re able to experience life on behind the scenes of some of your favorite shows such as Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory and even Friends! Warner Brothers was established in the early 1920’s, so do not fear! There is a little something for everyone here, and not just the kids! There is a strict no photo policy on some of the sets, however, but bring a fully charged camera and cell phone just in case. You don’t want to miss anything here - you never know when you’ll find a great photo opportunity. There is a paid lot across the street for $10, but street parking is always free and available as well. Aim to come early on in the day so you can really enjoy your trip!  

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