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RV as a Temporary Housing or Office Solution

Our RVs provide the perfect housing solution while your house is getting renovated, fumigated/tented or you have guests coming to visit and need the extra space.

Stationary Reservations Enjoy

Free delivery and pick up (3+ nights)

Discounted rental rates ($30 off per night)

Discounted insurance rates

Fully furnished and equipped RVs

Free RV set up

RV for temporary housing solution while the house is getting tented.JPG

Protect Your House During a Termite Tenting or
Supervise Your Home Remodel

Unfortunately a tented house is a sure sign that the home is empty and open. It's easy for burglars to cut through the tent and steal your precious belongings.


Protect yourself by staying on your property and being your own security guard. 

If you're having your home worked on, staying in the RV helps avoid the dust and dirt while being close enough to keep an eye on things. 

Give Your Guests 
(and yourself)
Much Needed Privacy

Everyone enjoys personal space. Putting an RV on your property will make everyone feel right at home. The RV is fully equipped, has it's own bathroom with a shower, refrigerator for late night snacks, a closet for hanging clothes and plenty of space to lounge around. 

Model J Interior - RV as a guest house.JPG
home delivery of the RV.JPG


We recommend connecting the RV to the home outlet for power.


This will allow you to run continuous electricity.

We provide all the necessary adapters and extension cords. 

For even more comfort, connect the RV to a water source and sewer. 


We can help.

Call us Monday - Sunday, 9:30am-8pm. 


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