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One way trip?

We are excited to introduce the one way trip service option!

We listened to our clients and we heard that there is a need for an option to return the RV outside of Los Angeles

We are happy to now offer this service to those who qualify

Here's how it works

We hire a responsible driver to fly out to the nearest airport by your pick up location and drive the RV back to LA for you.

The cost of this service is approximately the same as it would be for you to drive the RV back yourself (Miles, Diesel/Gas, Sustenance & Campgrounds) plus the flight ticket and driver salary. Simple.

Interested in getting a quote? Fill out the inquiry form and we will send you a proposal.


The fine print

Reservation minimum is 11 nights

Driving time is calculated at 6 hours per day

Submit an Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

We will reach out with a proposal.

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