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Model  J

Training Videos

Explanation of how power works

This video explains how to power different things throughout the RV

Here's the iPad and what's on it

This video explains what resources the onboard iPad has

Combination video of the most important RV operations

Covers the control centers,

  • utility & hook ups,

  • how to set up the beds,

  • use the bathroom & shower,

  • rotate the chairs,

  • turn on the gas stove,

  • turn on the TV

  • control the thermostat

Not covered in the video

  • certain videos in the TV section

  • kitchen sections,

  • screen door & privacy shades

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Attaching the electric hook ups
Emptying the waste tanks

One of the options for powering the RV. This video describes where and how to attach the electric hook up.

Attaching water hook ups
Filling the tank with water

Utility & Hook-Ups

rotating chairs
First control center 

Operating the awning, leaving the stairs in a locked out position, instructions on the house battery switch


Second Control Center

Controlling the slide out, water controls, generator controls, using the battery, checking tank levels. 

Control Centers

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Turning on the gas stove top
Using the microwave as convection oven

When you're cooking smoky food, we recommend turning on the fan and opening the vent or windows for ventilation 

Turning on the refrigerator

Stereo & TV 

Stereo system 
Turning on the TV 

AM & FM, bluetooth, DVDs, outdoor speakers

Channel search using the antenna
Channel search using the campsite cable
Playing a DVD
Anchor 7
Anchor 1
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Rotating the chairs
Closing the privacy shades
Anchor 8
Attaching the ladder to the top bed
Anchor 9
Turning the dinette into a bed
Screen door
Anchor 10
Bathroom & shower
Anchor 11
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