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Here a couple useful apps and websites that we recommend to our clients 

Please note, we're not affiliated with any of these companies. All of the recommended apps are free.


This is the website that we personally use the most when searching for places to camp. Although the website does not sort the campgrounds based on availability, it does a great job of showing what campgrounds exist in that area! It's an excellent place to start! 

They also have an app! 


Campground of America is a huge network of campgrounds. From our clients we've heard that these campgrounds are really nice, and offer an array of amenities. The app is simple to use and lets you locate a KOA campground nearby. You can also filter by the amenities you'd like to have, including wifi, cable TV, pool, propane refill stations and so on. 

While the app is good, we especially enjoy their website. It has a really useful "Trip Planner" feature, which allows you to see all KOA campgrounds from your starting point to the end destination. 

RV Parky

Helps you locate a place to legally park and sleep in the RV by using your location. Search options include commercial RV Parks, public parks, military only parks, 55 + year old parks, casinos etc. The list also includes stores like Walmart, Camping World and Fuel Stops like Flying J, Pilot etc. 

The nice thing about this app is you can also filter by the required amenities, like water, sewer, electric, wifi, pool, allowed pets and so on. 

Trip Planner - Furkot

This is a great website that's used by many of our clients. It will help you plan your driving route, places to sleep, eat and see along the way. It will even let you see where there are gas stations along your route. We recommend giving it a try! 


Our RVs have Diesel engines and although a lot of gas stations offer Diesel fuel, some do not. This app lets you filter gas stations that offer Diesel and compare prices. You can also filter by things like, does the gas station have a store or an ATM. 


This is our most favorite app. While it does not have a comprehensive list of campgrounds or dumping stations, it has something very important, a comprehensive list of places to eat! What is travel if you don't stop by a local restaurant? 

The app is very user friendly and allows for a quick search for anything you might possibly need while on the road. 


Even if your particular RV camp site does not offer full hook ups, most campgrounds that accommodate RVs will have a place for you to dump the tanks and fill up clean water. However, if the campground you're staying at does not offer that, Sanidumps is a great app to have. It shows you the places you can dump the tanks nearest you. 

Another good option for finding a dump station (not an app) is this website,

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